IT-150 Pest Repeller

4 In 1 Full Result Pest Repeller 

Specifications: Ultrasonic

Frequency: 25K to 60K Hz Electro-magnetic 

Frequency: 0.8 to 8Hz Ionic 

Generated: 4000000 ionic/cm³ Sound Distance of up to 500 sq.meter 

 Dimension: H13 W7.7 D6.5mm(approx) 

 Power: AC 220V/50HZ,or 110V/60HZ 

 Power Consumption: 8W(Max.)


Carton size: H30 W58.5 D45.5cm

Q' ty/ctn: 80pcs

N/G W: 16/17kgs

20FT: 20160pcs   40FT: 44800pcs


* Use indoor only

* Repeal mice and rats

* British/US/European plug available

* Working mode: 




   Ionic+Electro-Magnetic+Ultrasonic+Night light

* Please note: It will take from 3 to 15 days approximately for the rats and mice to leave and in some instances may take as long as 30 days

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